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401 S. Main St., Suite 105, Blacksburg, VA 24060  540-739-3082



SF 12/2023

Rogers Physical Therapy is the Best! Rogers Physical Therapy was referred to me by a trusted source after surgery for a broken leg. Chris quickly responded to my call and was able to schedule the initial evaluation the following day. Always focused on the patient, he had me off the walker and onto using one crutch by the second appointment. Ali took over and worked with me extensively to identify appropriate exercises as healing progressed and after a second surgery to remove painful hardware. 

Some of the best things about Chris and Ali are that they consistently apply their extensive knowledge and problem-solving skills to address every issue that comes up. Their out-of-the box analytic thinking also sets them apart from other physical therapists, who work from a predetermined script of exercises. 

They do not just give out exercises, but rather they tailer hands-on and exercise therapy to the patient. At-home exercises were increasingly challenging as healing progressed and worked out well to accelerate recovery. They also have a wide range of therapy equipment and help you find at-home solutions using items you have readily available, so you can get right to work. 

Rogers Physical Therapy will challenge you and make your recovery process as fun as possible. 

You won't find a more caring and competent team anywhere! 

Jane W.   3/2022

Following a broken shoulder in Nov.21,  and almost no range of motion or strength  once out of the sling, I contacted Rogers PT & Performance in late December 2021, anxious to begin immediately on therapy.  Not only did the practice work to immediately fit me in (all others required a wait of several weeks--disaster for rehabilitation!),  but they also arranged for frequent visits to get me ready for a mandatory international travel program for my work.  We began immediately.

I have continued visiting twice weekly to access the greatest benefit from the therapists who worked with me, Chris Rogers and Katie Palmer.  Both are beyond excellent.  The consistency of therapists working with me, the excellent facility (I live in Blacksburg and this in a modern facility in our downtown), the individualized treatment and the excellent results make this the only physical therapy facility in our region I would ever recommend.

I have had experience in another popular PT group in Blacksburg, considered one of the best, and it cannot compare to the skill, experience, and professionalism of Rogers.   While I file my own insurance (resources at this agency go into the professionals working there, and not to insurance filers),I am more than happy to do so.  It's my arm and my quality of life; I would not trust this care and treatment to anyone else.

R. Szymanski  2/2022

Professional, kind, dedicated, amazing...the list could go on and on. Since my very first appointment I felt that I was seen, heard, and truly cared for! I came in with a variety of issues ranging from neck and shoulder pain to calf pain and Chris and Katie expertly tackled it all. They tailored every appointment and treatment to my needs to make sure I was getting the most out of every visit, even giving me tools to use at home like the Theracane if I needed it! From basic exercises to cupping, rolling, and band work they truly have it all. Even when I got unexpectedly injured from a horse fall they were able to see me the very next day, and checked in periodically over email and text to make sure I was doing okay. They have given me the tools and knowledge I needed to help get-and keep my body pain free and I will be forever grateful for it! Rogers Physical Therapy will always be the first place I go for any PT needs, I can’t thank them enough!

J. Fleming 10/2021

The  folks at Rogers Physical Therapy are fantastic!!! I have worked with just Katie for the past couple months, but the entire staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. They really focus on recovery and injury prevention the RIGHT way. For an entire hour, your therapist is dedicated to JUST you, ensuring proper technique and execution of each exercise (correct muscle activation too) and asking all the right questions about if and where you are feeling pain. Katie is always super encouraging and immediately had a great sense where the limits of my physical capabilities were (even after just a couple sessions), knowing exactly how to push me further too! When I started coming to this practice just a couple months ago for some hip flexor and proximal hamstring pain, I was anxious I would be unable to reach my long run goals in my marathon training. But thanks to Katie, I not only got to the start line having fully executed my training plan (pain free!), I exceeded my expectations for the race! I will definitely continue to use Rogers Physical Therapy for any future injury recovery/prevention needs. You guys are the best!!!!

P. Mitchell  3/2021

I am very impressed with the excellent service, suggestions and results that I have received from Rogers Physical Therapy & Performance.  Prior to the other week, I have never gone to physical therapy and I think I luckily chose a stellar practice.  I have gone from constant pain to no pain in two visits.  I realize that I still have a lot more sessions to get back to the way it used to be, but the results have been extremely encouraging.  The folks at Rogers Physical Therapy & Performance are extremely positive, excel in their field and most importantly are keenly receptive to the needs and feelings of the patient.  In my opinion, they exude the definition of true professionalism.  I wish them continued success and I hope others are as fortunate as myself to be able to use their services to recover from injuries and/or aging issues.  

C. Revard   1/2021

I've seen a handful of physical therapists over my 60 years, and none have left a lasting impression.  August 2020, I had the unfortunate experience of seriously injuring my shoulder, leaving me with a massive rotator cuff tear and shredded bicep.  The fortunate part of this experience was crossing paths with Chris Rogers.  This has been a very painful recovery, but Chris has an experienced touch and manner that immediately put me at ease.  (I should add, that even in the midst of the worst of COVID, I feel safe with the evident cleaning of equipment before, during and after my sessions as well as strict usage of facial masks and hand sanitizer.)  In just six weeks of therapy, Chris has helped me exceed my surgeon's goals for this phase of recovery.  I am thrilled with the progress I have made so far.  I travel nearly two hours round trip for each therapy session, with no regrets.  If your physical therapy results are important, you owe it to yourself to research your options.  To sum it all up - I am consistently receiving attentive and personalized therapy with a true professional, and reaping excellent results.

M.E. Gill   7/2020

After receiving physical therapy for a neck injury at another practice with no progress over the course of two months, I was frustrated and desperate. I was recommended to Rogers Physical Therapy & Performance by a close friend and I could not be more thankful. Within our very first visit, Chris immediately identified a major contributor of my physical discomfort that I was completely unaware of. Week by week, he took the time to listen to me and walk me through a personalized treatment plan. After a few months, I have now returned to the active lifestyle that I missed so terribly and I have finally made it back in the gym! (keeping his helpful points and exercises in mind, of course). Not only is he professional and extremely knowledgeable, he is a motivator and cares about his patients. After receiving physical therapy from many different places for various injuries, there is no doubt in my mind that Chris is the best of the best!

E. Kennedy     6/2020

If you are looking to bounce back from any injury or enhance your performance, this is the place to go! I am a DI college soccer player and Chris helped me get back to 100% from an ankle sprain 2 years ago. He is currently helping me return from ACL/meniscus surgery. Chris is amazing at his job in all areas; he's extremely knowledgeable, gives me effective rehab exercises, and pushes me to improve without ever overdoing it. He's even jumped in next to me on some of my rehab/workout exercises to make it more fun and competitive. Chris is a great PT - but even a better person. He's been compassionate, kind, and fun to talk to, always giving each patient his full attention. I'm 3 months post op now, and my knee feels amazing so far thanks to Chris. I can't recommend this business enough. This is the place to go if you want to get back to 100% while working with QUALITY therapist AND person. 

A. Hoskins                6/2020

I first met Chris post-knee and leg surgery, and he worked me through 3 months of PT... and 3 months after that, I was competing in a 100-mile mountain bike race. The recovery was tough and there is no way I would have been there without working with Chris and his team. When I found out that he was opening his own PT and performance business, I knew I would work with Chris again, this time healthier and ready to achieve my goals. Chris has laid out a performance training plan individualized for me. He is not only an excellent therapist, but also a knowledgeable trainer. If you have athletic goals or just want to get more fit and have functional strength, call him up and talk about what you want to get out of it. We have been working together during COVID-19 and I feel completely safe. Chris takes appropriate sanitary measures before you arrive and throughout your session. The best compliment I can give is this: My insurance plan is not the greatest and they will not cover my visits. I could get 30 visits completely covered through an in-network PT, but I choose to work with Chris. It is worth every penny to take care of my body with someone who knows how to get you where you want to go. Thank you, Chris!

Logan Johnson                2/2020

I have had chronic pain in my neck, back and shoulder from an old football injury about 3 years ago.  During that time I have seen 12 Doctors (including a NFL team physician), have had 5 MRI's, 2 injections and seen 3 different Physical Therapists and none of them have ever given me any relief or were able to make any progress.  I was referred to Chris by Dr. Keats next door at South Main Chiropractic and Chris checked me out for free and gave me some home exercises.  Then I scheduled a 30 minute follow-up appointment and during that short time, Chris was able to make more progress with my shoulder than any other Doctor or Physical Therapist.  He was able to give me a feeling of normalcy and hope that I have not felt in 3 years.  The experience was so surreal I was immediately brought to tears.  I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for a great Physical Therapist that cares more about the patient than the money.    

Marsden Davis               7/2019

"I had running related pain for years and nothing I tried seemed to fix the root of the problem.  After a few sessions with Chris, I can now run pain free and finally understand why I was struggling before.  He is very knowledgable and thorough in his treatment.  Chris is also a really friendly guy, and it was clear to me from the beginning that he truly cares about his patient's success."

Joe C.               1/2020

Unlike any other PT experience.  Chris was able to quickly diagnose my issues and provide me the therapy necessary to take care of my problems and give me the tools and a plan for ongoing therapy.  There's a simple reason all of his reviews are 5 stars!  He's that good.

Alice               9/2019

"If you ever need to talk to someone who believes you when you explain that you have pain, Chris is the one to see.  I had back problems and I was told everything from being weak to being over-trained.  After seeing others, I went to Chris and explained what exactly hurt when and what type of pain it was.  He started me on the McKenzie method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.  Within a very short time I was able to move as I used to and flew across the Atlantic ocean without any pain.  I still do the McKenzie exercises late afternoons after a day of sitting behind my desk or just as preventive maintenance.  The pain never returned.  What is most crucial is that I now know what to do should pain come back.  Chris doesn't just treat you.  He explains everything and educates you so you can help yourself.  His integrity, kindness, manners, and patience are priceless.  He helped restore my confidence that I can treat my own pain and train in the gym on my own.  Highly recommended!"

Laura Lane               9/2019

"I had a great experience with Chris.  He helped me find exercises to resolve a muscular imbalance I have had for years and thus far was unable to resolve.  He is not considered an Aetna covered provider, so the cost up front was more, but it was well worth the extra money.  Chris was attentive and available.  I truly enjoyed working with him and recommend him to anyone that is looking for a physical therapist."

Vicki Newton               8/2019

"I have never had or seen service and care before from a PT like I had from Chris over the past few years.  Last week, I needed his help, called him, and even though he was out of town on vacation, he did not hesitate to spend time to talk with me and my husband.  Chris spent 30-40 minutes on the phone with us coaching us through a successful manipulation and then recommended an OTC medication that helped me through the weekend until he returned to Blacksburg.  Chris always takes time to listen, explain what he recommends and then proceeds to help his clients recover.  He is an OUTSTANDING MAN and GREAT PT...always there for you!!"

Karen Holbert               8/2019

"Chris is the best PT I have seen over many years, in Charlotte and now Blacksburg!  He has helped me with recurring back and shoulder issues and they are each improving.  I refer all my friends needing PT his way."

Ginger Belay               6/2019

"I have seen Chris for two separate injuries and he is definitely the best physical therapist I have seen in my many years of different overuse related injuries.  He takes the time to listen and to try different approaches if one is not working.  He takes the time to explain things in layman terms and is extremely knowledgable.  He genuinely seems to care. I highly recommend Rogers Physical Therapy & Performance."

Kalyn Specht               7/2019

"Chris Rogers is one of the most knowledgeable physical therapists I have ever worked with!  He really takes the time to take an in depth patient history so he can tailor his rehabilitation plan to you and your injury.  Definitely worth going here!"  

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